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A New Blog For the New Year!

Happy New Year!  

Take this opportunity to begin anew.

The New Year brings with it an occasion to let go of the past and to recreate the New You.

I used to think that New Year’s Eve was about the party, but now as an older and wiser woman, I like the solitude of looking within.

In Feng Shui there are many ceremonies to enhance our New Year.  These are usually done on February 7th, the eve of the Chinese New Year and may include the Cicada Sheds its Shell, Changing the Qi of the House and Welcoming the Wealth Gods.  If you have interest in doing these, please reach out to me.  

I have enjoyed communicating with you and will continue with the same format.  Very soon we are entering another Earth Element called GEN, (knowledge/mountain). 

Nature is an opportunity that provides us with answers.

Happy New Year!  Create it the way YOU want it!





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